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If you're reading us, it's because you love our adorable and endearing British Shorthair cats as much as we do and you want to know a little more about our cattery.

Our family has always lived with these feline candies, making our passion for them lead us to make the responsible decision to make reproduction a wonderful way to care and contribute to our cats are born, grow and develop healthy and meet all racial standards.

The British Shorthair are a solid, dynamic, sociable, caress loving and generous breed offering affection and companionship.

They exude harmony and elegance, a whole set of qualities that make these cats very special beings.

Their morphology is very compact. . . prominent head, small and rounded ears, robust body, short and solid legs and also a spectacular double coat of crisspy hair, which make them real teddy bears. It's very easy to fall in love with a British.

The basic colours of our British are blue (a), although chocolate (b) and white (W62) give a touch of sweetness to our kennel...

Our kennel selects specimens for exhibition and reproduction from different countries (Spain, Russia, Poland. . . ), descendants of beautiful lines and the result of the effort and work of excellent breeders.

Our cats are genetically and serologically tested with negative results in PKD, FeLV, IVF, FCV. They have also been evaluated by echocardiogram by the veterinary cardiology team, with negative results in HCM.

They are also inoculated, following the calendar established by the excellent veterinary team that helps us to keep our animals healthy and protected, “Clínica Veterinaria Irubide” (Vitoria).

Like all living things, no cat is the same. Each one has his personality and preferences, that makes them unique beings.

They share and fulfill all the racial standards, although each one has its quality, reason why the cost of each specimen can vary.

All our cats are delivered with the corresponding accreditations (pedigree, European passport, copy of proofs of health of the parents and veterinary certificate of health of the animal).

Our kennel “BlancoFresa*ES” is located in Vitoria, a beautiful city located in northern Spain and our kennel is registered at FIFE with the number 2.407 and ASFE with the number 2.095.

If you want to get in touch with us, do it through our e-mail.: info@blancofresa.es
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